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14 avril 2008 @ 15:26
Serenity Complete Con  

So this is my first post since my return of the Sartufury convention. 
Not a real recap with pics, because my friend didn't send them yet. but just more information about this week end ! I will post the recap later :)

So many guests but not enough time...... Guys this event was the hugest event which I never took part (this isn't complicated, this was my third con^^)

At the start, this was an Firefly / Battlestar Galatica Con. I'm not a huge fan of firefly even if i like the show. But Jamie Bamber was announced as a guest, and i can't said no, when it is about Jamie Bamber !!!!

sadly, one week before the con, Jamie Bamber has cancelled.... 

Some other guests have cancelled too, like Summer Glau or Alan Tudyk, so friday morning when i took my train I did not have any ideas of which would be present

And and finally at the time of the opening ceremony,the list was revealed with an huge surprise saturday evening !!!!!

Jim Swallow

W. Morgan Sheppard

Ron Glass

Richard Brooks

Adam Baldwin

Mark Sheppard

Michelle Forbes

Nicki Clyne

Leah Cairns

Kandyse McClure

and the surprise !!!!!!!!

Jamie Bamber !!!!!!!!

and guys, i love him !!!!!

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Steph: Apollosmiles1_9 on le 14 avril 2008 14:48 (UTC)
YAY!!!!! Jamie Baber did make it!!!!!

I am so excitd to see pictures and hear the recap! :)